Echoes of the Ould Sod
A collection of songs of
Irish Emigrants
of the Mid-1800. 
Volume 3

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The Photo on the cover is marked on the reverse as "The Birthplace of Patrick O'Sullivan." 

Songs in the public domain from the US Library of Congress

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Lamenting the life on the ‘Ould Sod’ and those we loved.

The third in the series, this collection contains a variety of mostly forgotten songs of Irish emigrants from the mid-1800s. These recordings, with one exception, are based on sheet music from the Library of Congress. These tunes reflect the feelings and social mores of their era; many songs lamenting the ‘Ould Sod’ and those left behind.
The Song “Patrick O’Sullivan’s Poem” is the exception. The tune was improvised and the words are from a poem he wrote after the passing of his dear wife. It is quite touching.
Special thanks to Dan Savin, who mixed, mastered this album, and whose piano playing accompanies “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen” and “The Girl from County Clare.” And on “Kathleen,” James Callahan’s three siblings join on the refrain.
Except where noted, vocals are by James Callahan,


(c) James Callahan, 2015